Jon Denham

Jon Denham is a pastor at Crawfordsville Community Church. He and his wife Diana live in Lebanon and have one son. Jon has a passionate love for Jesus expressed in his desire to worship and live out the Scriptures.


Warren Stroup

Warren Stroup is the lead pastor at The River Center in Lebanon. He and his wife Kim have a son and a daughter. Warren has experienced and drunk deep of the well of God’s grace in his life.

Lynn Koehn

Lynn Koehn is a pastor at The River Center in Lebanon. He and his wife Betty have two grown children and several grandchildren. Lynn is known for his love for people. He has selflessly served the people of Lebanon including the poor for decades.


Hannah Brownell

Hannah Brownell and her husband Bryant live in Albany and have two daughters and a son. Hannah, a homemaker, has a heart for worship and blesses people with her smile.


Dan DeSaulnier

Dan Desaulnier is a retired pastor with the Evangelical Church of North America. He and his wife Mary live near Pedee, Oregon. They have three grown sons and are proud grandparents. Dan is a faithful bible teacher.