september prayer update

A cool thing happened at the Lebanon Skate Park this week.  A Teen Challenge student and I met a young man who clearly needed new shoes.  When the TC student was moved to give him his shoes, I believe it was more than a coincidence that he had the same shoe size! It reminded me of other times that God has partnered me with the right student for the right occasion. One time a grieving fourteen-year old at the Junction City skate park shared how he had lost his best friend in a tragic accident.  They were playing a dangerous game, jumping off the tracks just in time to avoid being hit by oncoming trains. His friend had jumped too late and it cost him his life. That day I was accompanied by a student who also lost a dear friend who was killed as they were sliding by rope behind a truck in the snow. God went ahead of us in sending just the right student to reach out to that hurting boy.  Another time there was a young man who was bitter about his friend who had died in his arms due to a heroin overdose. The TC student with me that day had experienced a heroin overdose and was uniquely able to relate to this young man’s suffering. I have found that when we take risks in disciple-making, we find that Jesus fulfills his promise to be with us.

Heart of Revival (STEP) Requests

Speaking: Heart of Revival has a new tag line: “Proclaiming the Word, Supporting spiritual leaders.” I have openings for speaking on the following Sundays:  Sept. 9, Sept 21, Oct. 7 and Oct. 21.  Please pray that God would open doors.

Teen Challenge/Mentoring:  Twelve students have signed up to be baptized at Spiritual Emphasis Week, the annual camp meeting attended by the staff and students of all the Adult and Teen Challenge centers in the Northwest. I will be teaching on salvation and on baptism in preparation for this. Please pray that students will be genuinely converted and understand the centrality of the cross and resurrection, salvation by grace through faith, repentance and the cost of discipleship.

Evangelism: I view my evangelism efforts as primarily “seed planting.” This is because I am keenly aware that no one comes to Jesus unless the Father draws them. I strongly feel that people should count the cost of becoming a disciple and do not wish to promote “false conversions.”  However, I am feeling the need to be more direct in asking people to consider putting their trust in Christ. Please pray for discernment as I navigate this.

Pastors/Churches: My newly-developed vision statement for Heart of Revival is “Healthy Pastors, Healthy Churches.” Please pray that leaders will be encouraged by our weekly prayer times, our Transform Lebanon lunches that are restarting (each third Thursday of the month during the school year) and our Family Dinner honoring pastors, ministry leaders and their families on September 27th.


September Speaking Schedule

  •      Sept. 2 Swisshome Evangelical Church, "Gospel Basics, Part 2" - 10 am

    ·       Sept. 5 Teen Challenge, "Gospel 3Rs and Baptism” - 7:30 pm

    ·       Sept. 14 Eugene Mission, "Be Reconciled to God" (2 Cor. 5:18-21) - 7 pm

    ·       Sept. 16 The River Center, "Tell the Truth" (Eph. 4:25) - 10 am

    ·       Sept. 19 Teen Challenge, "My Story: Conversion and Ministry” - 7:30 pm

    ·       Sept. 26 Teen Challenge, "Controlling the Tongue” - 7:30 pm

    ·       Sept. 30 New Hope Church, Lebanon, 10:30 am

    ·       Sept. 30 Mennonite Village Quail Run “The Cost of Discipleship” (Lk. 14:25-35) - 2:30 pm

 Check the speaking page for speaking schedule beyond this month.

general ways to pray

Pastor Ed covets your prayers. You can use the acronym OAR to pray for his speaking ministry. 

O—Open doors of ministry


R—Responsive audiences

Pray also for wisdom as he counsels Adult and Teen Challenge students, open doors and open hearts for sharing the gospel on the street and fruitful ministry as he connects with pastors and ministry leaders and leads Transform Lebanon.