Ed Skipper

Ed was born in Astoria, Oregon in 1956 and moved to The Dalles in 1961 where he graduated from high school in 1974. He was raised in a Catholic home. His father’s death when Ed was fourteen brought a time of turmoil and searching. He became an atheist and sought meaning in life through New Age religions, encounter groups, philosophy, psychology and involvement in radical politics. 

He came to Christ in the early '80s at which time he also met his wife Char. They married in 1982. Ed taught elementary school for nine years before entering Christian ministry. He served as pastor of the Springfield Free Methodist Church for ten years and as pastor of the Lebanon Free Methodist Church for eleven years. Throughout his Christian walk, Ed has been passionate about Jesus, the Bible, prayer, revival and working together with other local pastors. Letting Christ be the center of life and of church has been his focus. 

Early in 2006, Ed experienced a filling of the Holy Spirit that resulted in greater boldness and accelerated spiritual growth that continues to this day. God has specifically called him to pray and to preach. In July of 2009, he resigned from his church to make himself available to serve the greater Christian body by encouraging believers to pursue revival and to make a full surrender to the Lord.

Ed and Char have three daughters-two of which are married and six grandchildren.


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Pastor John Unger

“Ed Skipper's heartfelt passion for God and people and his relevant biblical teaching created an opportunity for God to stir a deeper awareness and commitment in the hearts of our congregation. Ed's testimony combined with biblical truth was an effective tool in God's hand for awakening us to what God wants to do in our individual lives, our church, and our community. The question and answer time with Ed and his wife Char was especially helpful for those who were hungry for more and needed practical advice and testimony about walking in the Spirit in daily life. One board member remarked, ‘I was surprised and impressed by the power of Ed's ministry.’"

Pastor Endre Norem

“His speaking “always stirs our students to think deeply about their relationship to God….[Pastor Ed’s] messages have always been timely and our Lord Jesus' Spirit uses his preaching in our chapel services as true spiritual drink and food to us! [Teen Challenge]” 

Pastor Jon Denham

"Whether ministering at community prayer and worship gatherings or sharing God's Word with our church, Ed's authentic passion for God's presence inspires and challenges us to pursue the Lord wholeheartedly. Ed's delivery is motivating yet practical—he helped our congregation grasp challenging concepts like revival and prayer and discover how to apply them in our lives. God's anointing is clearly on Ed's life and ministry, an anointing that overflows to everyone he ministers to. I look forward to our next opportunity for Ed to bless and strengthen us in our spiritual journey!"

Pastor Dan De Saulnier

“The need for revival in our nation has never been greater and I don't know a person as passionate in sharing that message than Ed Skipper. He has been a personal friend and co-worker in ministry for many years, a man of integrity, passion, and a desire to be used of God. I would highly recommend Ed in sharing with your people.” Pastor Dan De Saulnier