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      Street Stories

After having a lengthy and engaging talk exploring beliefs including the afterlife, a high school boy had a suggestion about how my witnessing partner and I might be more effective in conversing with teens: He suggested that we never mention hell.  He stated that a youth group he had attended made it a point to never discuss hell. In talking with people about Jesus, we can be tempted to leave out aspects of the gospel that might make people uncomfortable but to do so is to fail to be faithful to the gospel message. To purposefully leave judgment out of a discussion about salvation is to misrepresent the bible. May we may speak the truth always in love but speak the truth nonetheless.

Heart of Revival (STEP)

Speaking: There are smaller churches in our region that occasionally need and would be blessed to have a guest speaker. Please pray that my services would be made known to them.

Teen Challenge/Mentoring:  Sometimes I have the opportunity to mentor a student whose life becomes radically transformed. One student's life and relationships were in desperate shape when he entered the program.  God got a hold of him, renewing his mind and restoring his family.  He still calls me to let me know how he is doing and to ask bible questions. Please pray that more and more men would have this kind of experience.

Evangelism: Please pray that I would speak the truth in love as I start gospel conversations with those to whom I witness.

Pastors/Churches: Please join me in praising God for what he is doing through Transform Lebanon. Over the past several weeks we have regularly had new people join us for our weekly prayer for pastors and ministry leaders. Praise him also for the 175 people who came out to "Be Undivided", a gathering of church members interested in helping our city's schools. Over 100 signed up to volunteer in the Lebanon School District to serve in a variety of ways.

May Speaking Schedule

  • May 2  Teen Challenge Willamette Campus, "Christ Is Enough" - Philippians 4:9-13 - 7:30 pm
  • May 6  Hopewell Community Church, Dayton, OR - 10:30 am
  • May 9  Teen Challenge Willamette Campus, "Revival, Part 1" - 7:30 pm
  • May 16 Teen Challenge Willamette Campus, "Revival, Part 2" - 7:30 pm
  • May 20 Florence Evangelical Church, “Gospel Basics, Part 2” - 11 am

 Check the speaking page for speaking schedule beyond this month.

    general ways to pray

    Pastor Ed covets your prayers. You can use the acronym OAR to pray for his speaking ministry. 

    O—Open doors of ministry


    R—Responsive audiences

    Pray also for wisdom as he counsels Adult and Teen Challenge students, open doors and open hearts for sharing the gospel on the street and fruitful ministry as he connects with pastors and ministry leaders and leads Transform Lebanon.