Faith Foundations

By Ed Skipper

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Getting Started with God

Three Video Segments, 24 mins.

In three segments, the fundamentals of the gospel are covered using a simple and memorable outline: 

  • The ABC’s of what you must do to become a Christian 
  • The 3R’s of essential things to believe about Jesus 
  • The 3R’s of what Christ does when you believe

Getting Started with the Bible

Five Video Segments, 34 mins.

Ten basic questions about the Bible are answered in five video segments. Questions addressed include: 

  • Why should I believe the Bible? 
  • Who wrote it? 
  • Should I take the Bible literally? 
  • Where should I begin reading?

Getting Started in Prayer

Two Video Segments

This inspirational teaching on prayer should be watched with a Quiet Time Guide in your hands. Specific suggestions on how to Praise/thank, Repent, Ask, and Yield (P-R-A-Y) are given.


Hiding God's Word in Your Heart

Three Video Segments

The benefits of memorizing Scripture, instructions on how to memorize verses and creative strategies for remembering things are covered in this teaching.