Christ Is Enough

I have learned that every passage of Scripture, when I really grasp its meaning, is absolutely astounding and life-changing. The Bible is full of truths that have the potential to renew, exhilarate, encourage, convict, and challenge us. Since the powerful move of God that I experienced in 2006, certain spiritual principles have come fully alive.

One of those truths, in particular has caught and maintained my attention for the last several years. The profound verse that got my attention was Philippians 4:13. As you read this, think about what impact it might have on you if you fully believed it:

“I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency]. (Amplified Version)

By faith we can take hold of the unlimited resources of God, knowing that they are more than adequate all day and every day.

My oldest daughter illustrated this beautifully a few years ago when she went to Thailand for a term during her last year of college. Like her Dad, she is not inherently an adventurer but felt strongly led to go.

While there, she had several challenges to overcome: her roommates stayed up late interfering with her sleep; the temperature was extremely hot; she didn’t know the language; it was very difficult to find privacy; the food was unfamiliar and there were numerous bugs all over her bed and bedroom. In addition to all this, her wallet and I-pod were stolen while she was at a market. The thief quickly ran up several thousands of dollars on her VISA card.

Hannah called her Mother and I to inform us of what had happened and told us not to worry. If you are a parent of a teenager or a young adult you understand that being told not to worry does not mean that there is nothing to be seriously concerned about! It only means that your child doesn’t want you to be upset. But in this case, we could hear the calm in her voice. She explained that God knew ahead of time that this would happen and she was confident that He would take care of it.

This is not the typical reaction to such distressing circumstances. Instead of panic Hannah had the confidence and calmness of one who was

“ready for anything and equal to anything through him who infuses inner strength into”



I have a long way to go to fully incorporate this truth of Christ’s all-sufficiency into my thinking. I want to get to the place in which my first reaction to disappointment is to remember that Christ is enough and to be at peace. The transformation process into this kind of thinking is taking a long time but I’ve come a long way.

For example, one Sunday I was about to preach in a church in Sweet Home, Oregon. The service was about to start when I realized my sermon notes were missing. I looked for them in vain. They were not in the front pew, not in the pastor’s office, not in the restroom. I couldn’t find them anywhere. At that moment I said to God, “Lord, if you want me to preach without notes today I trust that you will provide what I need.” There was no panic as there would have been in earlier years. When we grasp the concept of Christ’s all-sufficiency, we can live with this kind of calm and confidence all the time.

We can start living in this reality today. There is no need to wait until the economy improves, till our family life gets better, till we finish school or get another job. We can walk victoriously today. It is faulty thinking to believe that when this or that happens, then things will be good. Right now Jesus provides all we need and is all we need.

No situation, no pressure, no problem, no responsibility, and no temptation can arise in which Christ is less than adequate. What joy, confidence and rest this brings to our souls!

I encourage you to incorporate this perspective into your thinking: Jesus Christ is always enough for whatever you face. As each new situation arises throughout the day you can simply welcome it, and say to yourself: “you are enough for me as I face this.” No fear, no anxiety-just Christ and his all-sufficient power. This great truth is changing my life and it can change yours as well.

Copyright Ed Skipper 2013

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